Camping can look very different from one site to the next.  While some prefer the luxury of home amenities others relish in the bare minimum.  But what is universal is a relaxing campfire to bring everyone together.

To me, camping just doesn’t feel like camping until I have cooked over the campfire and enjoyed a hot meal just like our ancestors did.  It is not always easy to create a delicious and healthy meal over an open flame.  Weather plays a large role in success.  But once accomplished there is no match to fire cooked beans or a crispy hobo meal eaten right out of the foil.  Cleaning up afterwards, however, is not as enjoyable and can be a real task with the absence of a sink and hot water.  Don’t forget to get rid of the trash before turning in for the night.  Trust me, you will regret it if you wake up to a skunk!

Every camping trip has that one memory that makes it stand out.  Those memories aren’t always what was planned either!  But isn’t that a big part of camping?  Rolling with the punches and laughing at the pain.  It is always a must to plan an activity that includes the whole family out in nature.  So soak up the sun and let the joy radiate for days.

When traveling to new areas, it is always wise to check with the locals to find out what is a must see.  Perhaps there is an outstanding local artisan market or a pizza place that makes fresh dough and homemade sauce.  Small town shops make for unique gift shopping where you can often discover handmade items.  Don’t underestimate historical sites, take some time to visit a few and you may find them very enriching.  Explore life and enjoy the unknown.

Just remember to slow down and do things differently than the home routine, that’s what camping is all about!  And sharing the good times with family and friends.  Why not invite everyone and make it a tradition to escape outdoors every year?