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This Train In Michigan Is Actually A Restaurant And You Need To Visit



Perhaps you’ve traveled cross-country on a train, ridden on an underground subway, or even explored some amazing international sights via railway. But there’s one train in the Great Lakes State that offers a fun and exciting new way to experience the railroad. That’s right — this train car is a restaurant and theater performance all wrapped up into one amazing ride.

The Old Road Dinner Train is a one-of-a-kind attraction located in Blissfield, Michigan. The train prides itself on being the longest-running continuously operating attraction of its sort in North America and draws in visitors from across the country every year.

You’ll need to book your visit in advance, but there’s a reason the Old Road Dinner Train is so popular. It offers a gourmet menu, along with a variety of adult beverage options, all of which can be enjoyed on the move in the charming atmosphere of a renovated train car.

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The train cars in use by the Dinner Train date back to the 1930s through the 1950s. There are two cars available for diners to board: the Blissfield Train, which travels along an original portion of the Erie and Kalamazoo Line, and the Charlotte Train, which follows the Grand Valley Rail Road.

You’ll enjoy a delicious meal while spending two hours aboard the train and watching the scenery pass. Embrace your inner history buff as you follow the same path early riders and workers did on their railroad journeys — some of them used this railway before Michigan was even a state.

If you’re looking for extra excitement, sign up for one of the special events offered by the Dinner Train. Most popular among these is the Murder Mystery Train, which includes a comedic theater performance to enjoy as you dine and travel along the rails.

So if you’re looking for a unique combination of history, fine dining, and sightseeing along the railway, look no further than the Old Road Dinner Train. This is one meal — and ride — that you won’t soon forget.

Article by: Sophie Boudreau

Posted on: Only in your State website.


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