Sometimes all we need is a little fresh air.  How about a peaceful camping retreat?

Enjoy the great outdoors – hiking, biking, kayaking, swimming, fishing and more.  All right here at ICC!

It’s a proven fact…fresh air and sunshine are very healing to the body and soul.  We have plenty of it to go around!  Plus, make your wallet happy – $5 Off camping Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights!  A rustic campsite costs only $25 Monday – Wednesday Nights and that includes an endless array of outdoor activities suitable for the whole family.

Check out the camp library to find a good book you can get lost in.  Cook dinner over the campfire for a change of pace and then let the dancing flames mesmerize you.  We have ‘Mystical Fire’ packets; drop one in the flames and watch it transform your campfire into a color show!


The stars are bright and clear here in the country.  Try to find constellations and reflect on just how vast the universe is.  Take a moment to think about what you wanted when you were a child and what you want now.  You may be surprised at just how little you have changed!  The hum of the nighttime wildlife will have you fast asleep cozy in your sleeping bag.

Then wake up refreshed and do it all over again!  Your body and soul will thank you for getting away from the everyday race we call life.

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