campjournalCamping Journal

Record your camping vacations one-by-one to create a priceless trip down memory lane.


Start your camping journal by folding colorful cardstock in half and stacking many pages together.  Hole punch along one edge and find a stick that fits your book size.  Use a natural twine to tie everything together and create a natural binding for your book.  Decorate the front page with camping scrapbook stickers or draw your own illustration of what camping means to you.  Be sure to sign the back cover of the book and date it.

Each page will be filled with memories of what you experienced on that camping trip and unique things you did.  Remember to include details so in the future when you read it you can easily create that memory in your head and enjoy it all over again!  Always start the page with where you are; campground name and city and the date with the general weather.  Include any materials that may be of interest in the future, like a hiking trail map, postcard or landscape photo you took.

Within a couple years your book can become a treasure you read over and over again, some day your children may even want to read it and they will remember what you did for them while they were growing up.  Get out in nature and get camping!

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