Indian Creek Camp

and Conference Center

9415 Tangent Rd

Tecumseh, MI 49286


Camping Season:

April 15 - Oct. 15


Indian Creek Camp and Conference Center

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Michigan Facts

Get to know our Great Lakes State with some Michigan Facts.

Brush up on your Michigan trivia knowledge for our MADE-IN-MICHIGAN weekend June 12-14!


  • Tecumseh was one of the first 3 establishments of the Michigan Territory.
  • Michigan is part of the Great Lakes Region.
  • There are 5 Great Lakes: Lake Erie, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Superior, Lake Ontario
  • Lake Ontario is the only Great Lake that Michigan does not touch
  • Michigan was once mostly marshes and dense forests inhabited by Native American Tribes
  • Tribes in the area are: Anishnabe, Chippewa, Ottawa, Ojibwe, Potawatomi, Huron, Fox, Sauk, Kikapoo, Menominee, Miami,
  • Tecumseh is named for the Great Warrior Chief Tecumseh who is said to have battled these grounds and lived nearby in what is now Ohio.
  • Apple Blossom is the Michigan State Flower.
  • White Pine is the Michigan State Tree


  • Michigan has produced many famous people including these:  Tim Allen, Curtis Armstrong, Hank Ballard, Kristen Bell, Elizabeth Berkley, Selma Blair, Larry Joe Campbell, Alice Cooper, Terry Crews, Jeff Daniels, Eminem, Kid Rock, Dann Florek, Henry Ford, Aretha Franklin, Glenn Frey, Earvin Magic Johnson, Casey Kasem, Will Kellog, Charles Lindbergh, Madonna, Ted Nugent, Sugar Ray Robinson, Diana Ross, Bob Seger, Tom Selleck, David Spade, James Vernor, Stevie Wonder
  • Vernors, a popular ginger-ale was created in 1866 in Detroit by a pharmacist.
  • Kellogg Cereal made Battle Creek, Michigan Cereal Capital of the World!
  • Expressway I-75 connects Michigan all the way to Florida.
  • Detroit is Michigan’s largest city and was originally the state capital.
  • Lansing became the capital city in 1848.
  • Michigan is known as the land of 11,000 lakes and 11,000 mosquitos!
  • Believe it! Michigan has more shoreline than the entire Atlantic seaboard.
  • Michigan is home to 116 lighthouses with many as historical sites.
  • Michigan is proud of its National Parks, Isle Royale and Pictured Rocks of the U.P and Sleeping Bear Dunes of the L.P.
  • Michiganders that live in the Upper Peninsula are commonly called Yoopers or U.P.ers
  • Mackinac Bridge connects the Lower Peninsula to the Upper Peninsula; It is the fifth largest suspension bridge in the world!  It is 26,372 feet long and rests 200 feet above water level.

Bird Shows

This year there are plenty of opportunities to catch the new Bird Show with Craig Perdue.

Bird enthusiasts of all ages can get up close and personal with a variety of feathered friends. No mater who the star is, find yourself impressed by their natural beauty while learning details unique to each bird and how they survive. Every bird show will amaze you even if you’ve seen one here before, no show is alike!
You will be surprised by Rupert the Great Horned Owl and mesmerized with Clancy the Green-Wing Macaw. Stick around to learn about falconry with Glory the Harris’ Hawk. Sometimes the Starling Tere and Homing Pigeon Noah even make an appearance!
This summer have a seat on the new benches in the shade and wait for the birds to take center stage. Sit in the front row and you might get a chance to pet one. Your whole family is guaranteed to be enriched by this rare nature experience!

2015 Bird Shows:

May 22-25 Memorial Day Weekend

June 12-14 Made in Michigan Weekend (Native Michigan birds)

June 19-21 Father’s Day Weekend

July 2-5 Independence Day Celebration

July 10-12 Llamapalooza Weekend

August 21-23 Celebrate Nature Weekend (Birds and their natural habits)
**Guided Nature Hike with Craig Perdue- easy family hike on the nature conservancy trail, full of fun nature facts!

September 4-7 Labor Day Weekend

Please see website calendar for further details.

February Savings

We love our campers all year! But you can enjoy the sweetest deal now- Reserve a campsite for any of these family fun filled weekends and receive 10% Off your site rate.
Discount offered for the following dates:
Big Foot Weekend June 5 – 7
Camp Carnival Weekend July 24 – 26
RC Race Weekend August 14 – 16
Celebrate Nature Weekend August 21 – 23
**Must call in a 2 night reservation by February 28 for select dates to receive your discount. (517)423-5659

Are you a Good Sam Camp Club Member? Good Sam Camp Club Members always receive 10% off their campsite rate, so we will make it 15% Off on those select dates when you reserve by February 28. Get your membership through us to start saving instantly and keep saving every stay!


Rock Climb Michigan

Rock Climbing is a thrilling full body workout suitable for almost anyone.  Our 45′ rock climbing tower is designed to please all ages and experience levels.  2015 Tecumseh Team Quest features four walls to choose from; each wall presents a unique climbing challenge.  The kid-friendly wall is perfect for new or shorter climbers.  Race to the top of the bell tower to ring that victory bell.  Test yourself on a cargo net into giant ladder.  Or battle the boulder zone wall ending on an extreme 75degree angle.  That’s enough to keep you climbing spring, summer and fall!  Wear your GoPro camera on your helmet so you can share the treetop view with everyone.

At Tecumseh Team Quest safety is number one!  Our trained facilitators will help you secure your climbing harness and helmet.  When you are ready to climb a figure-eight follow through knot connects you to the belay rope.  Your expert belayer will double check safety by running a series of checks with you.  First the climber asks, “On belay?”  The belayer responds when the rope is tight, “Belay on.”  Then the climber asks, “Climbing?”  and the belayer responds, “Climb on.”  Now you are safely rock climbing!

Remember to stretch before and after, especially your hands and forearms.  You will find the best success when using you legs to lift your body.  By fully straightening your legs after every advance you will cover more space.  If you find yourself uncomfortable with the height you may have a hard time scaling 45′ to the top.  But it is still excellent exercise no matter how high you go.  Rock Climbing just 10 minutes burns over 100 calories while strengthening the entire body.

It is best to keep three points of contact at all times.  That means two hands and one foot or two feet and one hand on rock holds.  This technique is going to help you keep your body tight to the wall.  Sometimes it is hard to see what the next step should be, so listening to a spotter on the ground is helpful.  Be sure to keep the rope between your shoulders.  Do not grab the rope when climbing as this prevents slack from being pulled.  Only use the supplied rock holds to climb.  Breathe deep and keep a steady pace.  If you slip, don’t panic.  The rope will stop you from going far.  Just shake it off, grab the nearest holds and try, try again.

Michigan Camping Adventure Activities Activities_SlideshowVictory is sweet 45′ in the air!  The smooth ride down is so fun you almost forget your body is exhausted and trembling.  When you are done climbing, clearly state, “Descending.”    The belayer responds when ready, “Descend on.”  Now is the only time you should grab the rope with both hands and sit back in your harness.  Trust your belayer while you keep yourself square and away from the wall using your feet.  The belayer gracefully lowers you to the ground like an elevator.  Celebrate!  You just rock climbed in Michigan like a pro!

Gift Certificates are available – what a great way to encourage someone to rock climbing with you!  Call today to reserve a convenient time for your own group to rock climb and zip line together.  Tecumseh Team Quest is open to the public Saturdays during season starting at 3pm.  Must reserve time and sign waivers in advance through the camp office (weather permitting).

45′ Rock Climb $10 per climb

700' Dual Zip Line at 45' High

700′ Dual Zip Line at 45′ High

700′ Dual Zip Line $15 per person – includes 2 rides

Combo Deal- Rock Climb & 2 Zip Line Rides just $20 per person

Protect Our Trees – Stop Oak Wilt

DNR advises not to move firewood between state parks to prevent
spread of oak wilt
Lethal tree infection caused by transport of firewood

Oak wilt outbreaks are increasing in Michigan and the Department of Natural Resources has conducted treatment at several state parks to halt the spread of the disease.

Oak wilt is an introduced disease that causes rapid death of infected trees. The fungus is easily transported by beetles from infected wood to nearby wounded trees. Trees cannot be cured of oak wilt, and once a tree is infected the disease can rapidly spread to neighboring trees through underground root graft connections. The loss of large numbers of oak trees in parks can be dramatic, both for the park visitor experience and the ecology of the natural habitat.

“The likely cause of the oak wilt outbreak at Michigan state parks is the movement of infected firewood into campgrounds,” said DNR natural resources steward Heidi Frei. “Campers and other park visitors can help prevent the spread of the oak wilt fungus by not moving firewood between campgrounds.”

DNR Parks and Recreation Division staff has been working the last several years to stop the spread of oak wilt at Michigan state parks throughout the state, including P.J. Hoffmaster, Otsego Lake, Interlochen, Warren Dunes and Hartwick Pines state parks; and Fort Custer, Rifle River, Waterloo, Brighton, Pinckney and Island Lake recreation areas.

Treatments in 2014 included using a vibratory plow fitted with a special blade (designed and fabricated at the DNR’s Forest Fire Experiment Station in Roscommon) that severs grafted tree roots, isolating healthy trees from infected trees. Treatment also included the application of fungistats, which inhibit the growth and reproduction of fungi, and which have been used in areas declared critical dune habitat.

“If left unchecked,” Frei said, “oak wilt will continue to spread and result in large pockets of standing dead oak trees, which may be hazardous to park visitors.” Some parks, such as P.J. Hoffmaster, have experienced considerable losses. More than 100 large red oaks, including the most picturesque grove of red oaks in the campground, have been killed by oak wilt.

For more information on oak wilt prevention and stewardship, visit or contact Heidi Frei at 517-202-1360 or 

Family Camping Scrapbook

blogScrapbooking has a bad rep for being something only a stay-at-home mom does.  But what family doesn’t enjoy seeing old photo albums on the shelves, just waiting for a rainy day to be adored.

Your next camping trip should become a family scrapbook project for everyone to enjoy!  Each family member should be responsible for one or two pages documenting the camping fun.  Let them choose the content, you may be surprised what they think was great!  Get creative and use pressed leafs gathered from the campsite to mount photos on.  Write goofy captions and page titles to help remember funny stories.

To create a handmade rustic photo album, make your pages out of cardstock and punch five holes down one side of each page.  Make a cover page with the family name on it, and where the family went camping.  The back cover page should include the date and names and ages of everyone.  Find a thick, sturdy and straight stick around your campsite.  Use the stick and hemp string to create the binding of the book, be sure to tie each end securely and cut off the excess string.  Fill the book with photos, brochures, postcards, maps and drawings.  Camp prepared to make the pages while you are on vacation, or wait until you get home and make a family night of it.  Hobby stores sell numerous styles of stickers and decorations based on camping, hiking and fishing.  Encourage your family to use their imagination and when the book is tied together, it will be cherished for generations.  Make it a camping tradition, one album for each year!

Updates from our Junior Camper Blog Writers

Big thanks to all those junior campers out there!  We had so much fun with everyone this summer.  We asked all our junior campers to write a blog or draw a picture of what they love the most about camping with us at Indian Creek Campground.  This is what they had to say:

Junior Camper Blog Contest  Summer 2014

Emma 7 years old- My favorite camping memory is the first time I ever went on the zip line.  I was scared because it was a long way down.  I did it and it was fun and I didn't feel as scared. I have done it a lot of times since then.  I like the new double zip line too because two people can go on it and it is longer.

Emma 7 years old-
My favorite camping memory is the first time I ever went on the zip line. I was scared because it was a long way down. I did it and it was fun and I didn’t feel as scared. I have done it a lot of times since then. I like the new double zip line too because two people can go on it and it is longer.


Liam 4 years old- My favorite camping memory is going fishing in the pond and catching my first fish last year.  The pond is full of hungry fish!

Liam 4 years old-
My favorite camping memory is going fishing in the pond and catching my first fish last year. The pond is full of hungry fish!


Abbey - 12 years old

Abbey – 12 years old

Great job to our Junior Camper Bloggers! Anyone else want to share? Send us your blog about camping in general and you may see it here!

S’more Fun and Camping Food Organization

What’s camping without s’mores? My first few years of camping consisted of me trying to balance everything on my lap and make the kids wait to roast their marshmallows until I had the chocolate on the cracker which took way to long for their liking.

I have gotten a bit more savvy since those first years, now we have a little fold-up table that works great. But I still have wrappers to deal with and three different boxes and/or bags to dig out and bring to the fire.


I just saw a neat idea on Pinterest that might change the way I do s’mores. All you need is a small rectangle container and then you make rows of each of your ingredients. One row of graham crackers, one row of chocolate and one row of marshmallows. The picture I saw had three different types of chocolate which is great for those in your family who might want a peanut butter cup instead of plain chocolate.


If you pack this all up before you leave you don’t have to worry about all the wrappers (that I often stuff in my cup holders in my chair and then forget they are there) and you can just tell the kids go grab the s’more container.


If you’d like to see a picture of how this is done check out this link: CLICK HERE




Take A Hike!

butterflyMost campers seek a campground with hiking trails. The fresh air and shady trails help campers get back to nature. Indian Creek Campground is blessed with 2 unique ‘Michigan Forest’ areas appropriate for all ages and abilities. The trail loops will allow you to hike or bike up to 3 miles through the woods without ever leaving the campground! For something to occupy the little ones, pick up the nature scavenger hunt in the office or sign out a GPS unit for Geocaching. You will also find Nature Trail maps here so you can plan your route.

The campground woods has a mile loop starting at the family garden in the back corner of the property, this is an excellent place to sit back and relax while watching birds. These trails have a couple loops crossing through the middle to take you deeper into the woods where you will find flat, wide grassy trails. Look carefully and you will find many deer prints and animal paths, if you are quiet you may catch a family of deer grazing. You won’t be able to see far through these woods though, they are full of thick undergrowth including berry bushes and vines. You will find wild berries, apples and wildflowers in abundance here. But stick to the trails as thorns and poison ivy will get the best of you!

As you travel through these trails you will notice some strange obstacles scattered about, please do not attempt to use them. They are part of Tecumseh Team Quest, a team building facility. Many obstacles are part of the low ropes course and high ropes course; they are dangerous when not facilitated by certified instructors. You will also notice the rock climbing and zip lines, this is a unique outdoor experience you won’t want to miss, reserve your own time for this when you come camping.

If you want to stretch your legs even more, we have another nature trail! This trail is property of the Michigan Nature Association and is home to many wildflowers and critters. Look around and you will notice you can see through the woods for quite a distance. This is a great place for bird watching. These woods are filled with many century old sugar maple trees as well as many new growth trees. This is the cycle of life right before your eyes! If you want to ride through these trails, hop on the wagon. Every Saturday at 6pm campers are taken on a relaxing 20 minute ride, a wonderful experience for families of all ages!

Take your time while hiking this summer. Keep your eyes and ears open, you will be surprised what you may discover. Stop to feel the power of the wind swaying the trees and you may even hear a snake slither into a pile of leafs. Remember, you never know what you will encounter in the wilderness! Be prepared by taking some of these items with you: bug spray, sunscreen, a hat, boots or sneakers, a camera, a cell phone, a pocket knife, drinking water. If you are hiking with a dog, please remember doggie bags and water for your pal. Please keep all dogs leashed as you never know what or who may be around the bend. To preserve our nature; leave nothing and take nothing but pictures.

Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?

When going camping sometimes the ride can be long, too long. These days we do have electronics the kids can play with, or even televisions in our vehicles so the kids can watch a movie. But as a mom I know my kids are already engaged in that stuff more than I like. What we have done is try to play some family games in the car. Maybe you did this as a kid. We have had a lot of fun doing this and some great laughs along the way.

Our favorite game doesn’t have a name, or if it does I don’t know it. We actually saw this game played on the movie John Q. Basically, what you do is pick something to say, it could be anything, something in the car, outside, about the place you are going, or anything your family might be able to guess. What makes this fun is you have to say the word or phrase in a way that makes it hard for the other people in the car to understand.

You can see the link from John Q here: Don’t mind the French subtitles

Looking for more ideas? Check out this link for eight more car games to play on your next trip:

Campground Information

Check-in time: 1 pm to 8 pm / Check-out time: 12 noon

All guests and visitors must register at the camp office and pay a visitor fee before entering.

Please do not bring firewood into the campground due to ash borer and other infestations. Firewood is for sale at the camp office.

Pets are welcome – please keep them on a leash, keep them quiet and cleaned up after. Please see our PET POLICY, which we will need to keep on file.

This is a family-friendly campground – no loud, rude, or intoxicated behaviors. No alcoholic beverages pleas. Please see our CAMPGROUND RULES here.